Please allow us to introduce the textbook GENERAL ZOOLOGY—Investigating the Animal World and its accompanying laboratory manual INVESTIGATING ANIMALS—A General Zoology Laboratory Manual. We believe you and your students will find this zoology textbook and lab manual to be superior to and unique among those peers currently on the market.

GENERAL ZOOLOGY—Investigating the Animal World is written for a one-term undergraduate course of mixed majors and non-majors. This textbook is concept driven vs. terminology driven stressing the underlying concepts and principles of zoology rather than emphasizing the memorization of terms and terminology. Written in a student-centered, conversational style and based on current educational research, the text uniquely connects the daily life of students to all animal phyla from various perspectives—economic, ecologic, medical, scientific, and cultural—exploring how the animal world and human society and culture are intimately intertwined. End-of-chapter questions challenge students to think critically and creatively while incorporating science process skills and zoological principles.

INVESTIGATING ANIMALS—A General Zoology Laboratory Manual is designed to support not only our textbook but any general zoology textbook on the market. The investigations in the lab manual are a unique combination of investigative (experimental) activities and traditional (dissection) activities.

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